Aladdin in Tampa

Meet the masterpiece from the creator of The Lion King musical! The perfect remake of Disney’s Aladdin now goes live - and it goes right to your city! A marvellous show that explicitly depicts all the magic of the new movie and adds something extra. The atmosphere of theatre and live play makes it something different - so even those who watched the movie several times and the animation movie we-don’t-even-know-how-many-times will be fascinated with this interpretation!

Aladdin, from Broadway to Tampa!

Whether you are an experienced theatre lover or just wonder how to start watching the show - Aladdin in Tampa is your best choice! All the key scenes of the movie are preserved, even the most complicated and spectacular ones. The songs are incredible and the visual effects will make you feel right inside your childhood fairytale.

Where to watch Aladdin Musical in Tampa?

The musical will be performed in David A. Straz, Jr. Center for the Performing Arts. This facility accomodates the best world shows from 1989 and has the capability to welcome more than 2.6 thousands of people in its largest hall. So, anyone who wants to see Aladdin in Straz Center will have their seat!

But still, watch out! The run time of the play is only from December the 19th to January the 5th. The tickets are selling out way too fast to hesitate, so choose your dates and reserve your piece of fairy tale for yourself and, possibly, your very special someone.

If you are ready to buy "Aladdin" in Tampa tickets

Click on the buy tickets button on our website as the sale is open! The Aladdin play tickets are disappearing: like any Broadway show, Aladdin has a huge team of fans who want to see it. So it’s better to purchase tickets in advance and be calm for the rest of the waiting time.

The price starts from $30, but even those tickets guarantee you the best quality of sound and visual effects. The halls of Straz Center are designed with one thought in mind: anyone should get the best experience they can. So even if you are not going to purchase the best seats, don’t worry! You will still get your brightest memories for the rest of the next year.

Believe us, this show is worth every dollar you pay so don’t miss tourAladdin show tour in Tampa! Just grant yourself the best New Year gift available in your city this year!

Carol Morsani Hall - The Straz Center