Aladdin in San Antonio

Sometimes we miss our childhood ability to see wonders in anything and believe the fairy tales wholeheartedly. The Disney’s Aladdin movie has returned us this feeling of being inside of a tale. The impressive computer graphics, our favourite song and carefully preserved plot - can something be better?

The marvellous Aladdin musical is in San Antonio finally!

Yes, it can! Meet the world-shaking Broadway Aladdin in San Antonio! The new wonder from the director of “The Lion King”, Aladdin musical is a wonderful adaptation of our favourite tale for the stage. Everything we know, love and remember is here - plus the magic of live play, real theatre and the atmosphere of human emotions enveloping us!

This show is worth your time and money - it will give you fireworks of emotions, pleasant nostalgie and an absolute awe in return! And remember that if you are out of San Antonio for the play’s run time, you can always visit Aladdin show in New York.

Majestic musical in Majestic Theatre in San Antonio!

If you are already wondering where to see the show - check the Majestic Theatre! Its extremely comfortable and spacious halls can welcome hundreds of people wishing to get their own piece of fairy tale. The acoustic and the technical equipment of the theatre are incredible, so anyone, no matter how expensive or cheap their tickets are, will get the best experience from the musical. You will see everything and hear everything no matter where your seat is!

But the run time of the play is not so long - only from March the 25th to April the 12th. So get ready to enter a hunt for tickets: the overwhelming success of the musical in other cities shows that tickets tend to disappear very soon! Choose your dates in advance and reserve a seat for you and, maybe, for your special someone. Or come with the whole family and enjoy the show where both you and the kids will be equally excited!

Where to buy “Aladdin” San Antonio tickets?

The best way to purchase the real tickets for the musical is to go to the site of Majestic Theatre or to the website where you can do it really easily. Please, do not try to buy them anywhere else, even if the seller offers a lower price and a viable reason why you should buy those Aladdin cheap tickets. That’s fake!

Just enter the site, click the “Buy Tickets” button, choose the dates that are suitable for you and the seats (the price starts from $30, so don’t worry, you’ll find the affordable ones for sure!) - and here you are!

If you miss Aladdin in San Antonio, you can visit the musical in Kansas City (Apr 15, 2020 - Apr 26, 2020) as this is the next city in the US tour.

Majestic Theatre