Aladdin in Memphis

Get ready to dive deep into your childhood memories about the Arabian fairy tale! The incredible Broadway remake of the Disney’s Aladdin starts its North America tour and goes straight to your city!

The newest and most exciting Broadway musical, Aladdin, is in Memphis now!

Made by the director of the previous world-class gem - the Lion King - Aladdin is full of magic, that same songs and incredible visual and sound effects, that are even better than computer graphics of the movie - because they are happening right in front of your eyes! Meet the wonder of the live play, cast of stars and the incredible show that will grant you the warmest emotion amidst winter!

Where to watch Aladdin musical in Memphis?

The Orpheum theatre will open its doors for all the fans of Disney’s Aladdin from February 26th to March 8th. The spacious halls and cozy seats of the facility will accommodate hundreds of people wishing to get their bit of fairy tale - but still, beware: the run time of the musical is quite short! The tickets will disappear too quickly, so don’t wait until the last day, choose your dates right now.

The tickets are quite affordable - they start from $30. Don’t worry if you are planning to purchase the inexpensive ones - Aladdin show in “Orpheum” in Memphis will be equally beautiful from any seats. The very planning of the theatre and the highest-quality technical equipment of the musical will allow you to get the most intense emotions, no matter how far you are from the action.

Where to buy "Aladdin" Memphis tickets?

The best place where you can buy real tickets for the play - is by following this link. Please, don’t buy them anywhere else, even if the sellers offer you a cheaper price! Just go to the site, choose your dates and seats and here you are!

Don’t miss a chance to see the real wonder of the year - Disney’s Aladdin musical! Allow yourself (and maybe your special someone) to return into the world you loved so much when you were children. Or show it to your children as well!

Don’t hesitate, this play is worth every dollar you will spend on the tickets!

If you miss Aladdin in Memphis, you can visit the musical in Austin (Mar 11 - Mar 22, 2020) as this is the next city in the US tour.

Orpheum Theatre