Aladdin in Kansas City

Maybe all of us dreamed in our childhood about cartoons coming to life - now our dream can be fulfilled on Broadway! Meet the incredible musical that brings to live the story of Agrabah in all its glory!

The Disney’s creation goes live - meet the Aladdin musical in Kansas City!

This theatrical remake of Disney’s Aladdin carefully preserves the storyline, the characters and, of course, the songs - adding some magic of theatre and real play to the mix. The energy and excitement of audience will surround you throughout the show and you will become not only a spectator, but a participant in your favourite tale!

The awesome sound and visual effects of the musical are fully comparable with those of the movie - and sometimes are even better! The live performance of the songs is equally beautiful but also has that wonderful flavor of a live concert we all love.

The director of the show has already presented another Broadway gem to the world - The Lion King - so you can be sure that both the script and the cast will be no less than perfect!

Enjoy Aladdin in Municipal Auditorium Music Hall

The spacious and comfortable Municipal Auditorium Music Hall will welcome all the fans of Aladdin from April 15th to April 23rd. Please, note that the run time of the show is quite short - and the play itself is very popular - so the Aladdin musical tickets may disappear very fast! Make sure that you choose the dates and get your tickets for you and your family in advance.

The Municipal Auditorium Music Hall with its great acoustics and the newest technical equipment is the best for hosting the musical with its rich sound and visual effects. Moreover, the very planning of the hall allows any visitor - no matter how expensive their tickets are - to get the fullest experience from the show, even if they aren’t sitting right in front of the stage.

Where to buy Aladdin” Kansas City tickets?

Please, use only the original site of Municipal Auditorium Music Hall or even easiest way, just click the “buy tickets” on our website to purchase tickets for the musical! The tickets you can buy somewhere else can appear to be fake. Just go to the site, click on “Buy tickets” button, choose the dates and the seats - and enjoy the show!

If you miss the tour, you can still get Aladdin tickets in New York and see this incredible show!

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