Aladdin in Greenville

If you ever wanted to experience the shock and awe from Disney’s Aladdin right like you did in your childhood - now you have this chance! The new Broadway musical taps right into your memories. Same songs. Same costumes. Same energy. And all that exists in one live play right in front of your eyes!

Welcome the newest Broadway gem - the Aladdin musical in Greenville!

The musical is made by the director of the previous incredible Disney show - The Lion King - so, you should expect nothing except the perfection! The vivid visual effects, talented cast and songs you all know will make you forget about the movie and experience the real magic of the theatre, where all the action is happening right now and right around you.

Don’t miss your chance to see the original Broadway show! The run time of Aladdin in Greenville is quite short, so make sure you get the tickets before they all are sold out! If you are planning to be out of the city for this time, just check Aladdin tour dates in other locations, for example you can also watch Aladdin show in NYC.

The Peace Center for the Performing Arts as a place to go

The best theatrical show is worth watching in the best theatrical hall in Greenville. The Peace Center for the Performing Arts will gladly open its doors from February 12th to February 23rd. Run time for the musical isn’t very long, so pay attention to the quantity of tickets left! Be sure to get one for you and, perhaps, for your Valentine.

The halls of the Center are spacious enough to accommodate all the theatre fans and Disney lovers. The acoustic there is perfect, the seats are cozy and the technical equipment allows every visitor to get the best experience from the play - no matter how much their tickets cost and how far they are from the stage.

Where to buy “Aladdin” Greenville ticket?

It’s incredibly easy to purchase tickets for the musical. Just click the “Buy tickets” button, choose the dates and the quantity of Aladdin Broadway show tickets - and wow! Now you are the happy visitor of Aladdin musical! The prices start from $30, so anyone will find the affordable variant for themselves.

Remember: the seats are selling out! Get yours before it’s too late and warm up your winter with Arabian night!

If you miss Aladdin in Greenville, you can visit the musical in Memphis (Feb 26, 2020 - Mar 8, 2020) as this is the next city in the US tour.

Peace Center For The Performing Arts