Aladdin in East Lansing

Perhaps, everyone already saw new Disney’s Aladdin. But even the best movie can’t be compared with a live show with its atmosphere and the magic of theatre. Born on Broadway and made by the producer of The Lion King, this musical conquers hearts from city to city while on tour and, finally, it comes to East Lansing!

Visit the heart-winning Aladdin in East Lansing!

The show is rich in visual and sound effects that are comparable with incredible computer graphics used in the original Disney’s Aladdin. You will recognize anything: the actors, the costumes, the scenes (even the most famous and gorgeous one, with the introduction of “Prince Ali”, singing elephants and all!) and, of course, the heartwarming script.

Don’t miss a chance to discover music, magic, beautiful costumes and flawless play! Meet the favourite characters so close you can almost literally touch them. Find yourself in the middle of the fairy tale and get the “Whole New World” as an earworm again, like you did in your childhood!

Where can you watch Aladdin Musical in East Lansing?

The musical will be shown in Cobb Great Hall of Wharton Center for Performing Arts in Michigan State University. The great and spacious hall and perfect acoustic and equipment will make the show just unforgettable! But beware, the run time of the play is quite short: only from 4th to 15th of December. So make sure you get your tickets before they are sold out!

The Cobb Great Hall is the biggest performance space the facility has. It can accommodate several hundreds of people and even the most modestly priced tickets will guarantee you a comfortable seat, a full view and a decent quality of sound and visual effects of the show. But still, try to get the place near the stage for extra magic of proximity to the actors added to the musical!

Where to buy "Aladdin" in East Lansing tickets?

You can buy the tickets here, of course! The price of tickets starts from $30, so anyone can get an affordable one. The sale is already open, so choose the dates that are suitable for you and purchase Aladdin show tickets for you and, maybe, a special someone you want to take into a fairy tale with you.

Visit this link and get your tickets right now, before all the seats are taken!

Wharton Center for the Performing Arts