Aladdin Musical Tickets

Are you interested in seeing Aladdin the Musical? Stick around as we’re about to cover all you need to know about the thrilling theatrical extravaganza that is Aladdin, from what it’s all about and why you would want to see it, to where you can book tickets to go see it.

What Is Aladdin Show All About?

The story of Aladdin is one that needs no introduction. The protagonist, Aladdin, is a resident of Agrabah, the city of mystery and enchantment. As a charming street urchin, Aladdin’s life is just a series of endless wandering and discovery, up until he stumbles upon the mysterious Cave of Wonders where he laid his eyes on an ancient lamp. What Aladdin didn’t know, however, is that what he discovered wasn’t just any regular lamp, it was much, much more.

Aladdin unwittingly tampers with the seemingly-ordinary lighting solution, but to his surprise, his tampering sets free the lamp’s extraordinary resident, Genie, the wielder of phenomenal cosmic powers. Upon his long-awaited release from his entrapment, Genie grants his wide-eyed savior three wishes. Wasting no time, Aladdin chooses to transform from a mere pauper scraping for food and hiding from guards with Abu, his monkey sidekick, to Prince Ali Ababa.

For wherever there’s a prince, there’s a princess. Beautiful Princess Jasmine entraps Aladdin’s young heart, and upon a magic carpet ride starts their story. Little did our protagonist know he's not the only one with knowledge of the magic lamp and what it can do. Aladdin then encounters his prime nemesis, the nefarious Jafar, who wants three evil wishes of his own. It’s up to Aladdin to defeat the evil challenger and save the kingdom from his plans.

Why See Aladdin the Musical?

This show is one finest family shows that Broadway has to offer. The production received five Tony nominations upon its launch in 2014. The warm greeting it received led to greater success, as it launched in the UK, Japan, and Germany. Aladdin is spectacular in every sense of the world. An experience that’ll keep both adults and children entertained for hours as it brings the story we’re all familiar with from the beloved movie and acts it out in front of your very eyes.

The spectacle features all the popular tunes from the movie, from ‘A Friend Like Me’ to ‘A Whole New World’. Not only that, but you also get to hear a brand new collection of tunes by esteemed music maestros Alan Menken and Chad Beguelin. Menken is known for his scores on an array of Walt Disney Animations, from The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast to Aladdin, while Beguelin is famed for writing the book and additional score lyrics for Disney’s Aladdin.

Where to Buy Aladdin Show Tickets?

Aladdin Broadway tickets can be booked online simply by clicking the "Buy Tickets" icon on our website. It can also be booked by phone or in person. Click here to view and book upcoming Broadway dates.

For phone reservations, call 866-870-2717 if you’re in the U.S. or +1-949-333-4001 internationally. For in-person booking, kindly head to the New Amsterdam Theatre on 214 West 42nd St. NY, NY. If you’re looking to reserve group tickets for a party of 20 or more, kindly visit Disney Theatrical Sales or Box Office Broadway.

To book a ticket for the North American Tour, kindly visit Aladdin the Musical to view all available dates. All you need to do from there is click on the date and click the ‘Get Tickets’ icon. It’ll direct you automatically to where you can book tickets for that specific date. If there’s no city near you, get in touch in order to receive the latest schedule updates for Aladdin.

How to Find Cheap Aladdin Tickets?

Broadway tickets can be quite expensive, but lucky for you, there are a few things that you can do to purchase cheap Aladdin Broadway tickets. The first thing you need to do is get Broadway Show Discount Guide. This guide will help you get access to exclusive codes for Aladdin tickets discount, along with other special discounts. Keep in mind that buying the guide grants you 30 days of access to the latest Broadway discounts. The guide is updated weekly.

Another thing you can do is sign up for BroadwayBox Discount Alerts to stay up-to-date on any available Broadway discounts. You can get Broadway tickets from secondary markets, but how to tell if Aladdin tickets are legit? Well, you don’t have to. Simply visit our website to buy tickets for Aladdin at the cheapest price. You may also come across a couple of last minute tickets there. How much are Aladdin the Musical tickets? From 80-200$, depending on the theatre section.

Who Is this Spectacle for?

Is Aladdin Good for kids? Sure! However, it’s advised that children be at least six years of age to attend the play and guests of all ages require tickets to see the spectacle. As far as dress code, there’s none at all, so you can pretty much wear anything that’s appropriate and comfortable. Also, following the end of the performance, you can ask the usher for access to the Stage Door for an autograph or a photo with your favorite performer.

Buy Aladdin Tickets and See the Great Show!

If you’re looking to buy tickets for Aladdin the Musical, you can simply head to our website and click the “Buy Tickets” icon. If you want to increase your chances of buying cheap tickets, then you may want to subscribe to the Broadway Show Discount Guide.